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Each season, nature gives birth to various species over time. Autumn and winter are theperfect occasion to discover warm and woody scents. Carrière Frères allows you to letthem express themselves in your home.

Laos Benzoin Collection

Feel the vanilla and wood notes of Laos Benzoin, combined with three noble fragrances: SiberianFir, Ivorian Cacao and Damask Rose. This limited-edition collection is the perfect gift foryourloved ones. Discover the entire collection, including our set of three little candles

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Cedar Botanical Palets

The warmth of your interior lets the smell of the botanical palets diffuse. Hang it in your closet to find the delicate Cedar scent on your laundry.

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Heartwood known since Antiquity, its robustness and rareness make him one of the greatest andmost appreciated woods. Its blazing perfume will illuminate your home with warmness. Discoverour Ebony candle.

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Nothing is more comforting than a firewood on a winter night. Appreciate the warming aura of
flames thanks to our Firebrand candle

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his magnitude, cypress creates a distinctive ambience.
 Immerse yourself in the fresh and
woody notes of this noble and potent tree.

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Precious wood from tropical Asia, sandalwood has been used for centuries by many cultures; forspiritual practices and for material manufacturing. Prestigious, its woody fragrance purifies theair while perfuming it pleasantly.

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