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Unique craftsmanship. Carefully handcrafted in our workshop in Normandy, Carrière Frères’ scented candles contain many manufacturing secrets. Discover these exceptional processes.
Step 1


Firstly, the glass is white-lacquered by a specialist.

Step 2


Wicks are then placed and secured in each vessel. Because every essential oil burns at a different temperature, each fragrance is paired with its own specially woven wick for an optimal burn.

Step 3


Every ingredient is then weighed and melted, with the perfume blended in at the last instance.

Step 4


Candles are then poured; each candle holds 6.7 oz. of 100% vegetable scented wax from organic european rapeseed.

Step 5


As the wax hardens, the wicks are set upright, by hand, to be perfectly centered.

Step 6


Each candle is then slightly melted on top, to ensure a smooth surface.

Step 7


Once cooled, Carrière Frères candles are entirely hand-packaged.