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Services for professionals

Carrière Frères offers a complete range of products and services to hotels and restaurants to provide an elegant and distinctive olfactory signature, contributing to reinventing customer experience.

In common spaces, receptions and bars

Our products may be used in various areas and occasions, creating a unique olfactory journey. Carrière Frères offers a variety of exceptional fragrances to elevate the customer experience.

In the bedroom

In bedrooms, CF products create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Whether part of the bedroom atmosphere with a botanical palet delicately places on a nightstand, or used as a personalized attention, as gifting a 70g candle as a token of appreciation - our products mark a unique experience for your guests.

In the bathroom

Carrière Frères’ scented products naturally find their place in the bathroom and transform this space into a realm of refinement. These thoughtful gestures ensure an unforgettable stay to your guests throughout your establishment.

At the restaurant

Carrière Frères’ scented tapers and candles welcome elegantly and provide an intimate and comforting atmosphere. They integrate perfectly into the ambiance of restaurants, providing a strong olfactory identity and thus offering a unique immersive experience.

In wellness spaces

Source of relaxation and well-being, home fragrances help create a favourable environment to rest. Carrière Frères offers a variety of scents and diffusion methods suitable for every space, even the most demanding.

Corporate gifts

Carrière Frères offers a corporate gift service that allows you to express your gratitude to your team or your customers, by offering them exceptional scented products. Our team is at your disposal to inform and assist you to make the perfect choice.