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Cedar Botanical palets
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100% vegetable wax

Cedar Botanical palets

Vegan. Handcrafted in France.

Cedar is a wood particularly prized in perfumery : it offers dry woody, enveloping and comforting notes. Its resinous base note also reveals a certain freshness.

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A conifer of the Pinaceae family native to North Africa, cedar is an aromatic, durable and light wood. It has always been appreciated by cabinet makers and sculptors and is also known for its medicinal properties; its resin was used in ancient Egypt.

Its woody note brings warmth to the cold seasons and its antiseptic resin cleanses.
Cedar is relaxing and calming, and is known to:
✓ Promote meditation and soothe nervous tension,
✓ Help to overcome sleep disorders,
✓ Help to fight against anxiety, stress and exhaustion,
✓ Act as an excellent natural moth repellent and air purifier.

100% vegetable wax, from European rapeseed.

Handcrafted in France. Vegan.

Capacity: 1.95 Fl.oz x 2
Diffusion: at least 6 months
Size: H: 1 cm Ø: 8,7 cm
The botanical palets box contains two palets of the same fragrance.

Our Commitment

Our botanical palets are made with 100% vegetable wax from European rapeseed and scented with a blend of natural and synthetic raw materials. Each botanical palet is handcrafted in our own workshops in Normandy, France.
The plants and shavings in the botanical palets are of natural origin, harvested sustainably and in keeping with their seasonal nature.
Made from recycled polyester, the ribbon allows you to hang your botanical palet from a coat hanger or door handle.
To limit the packaging’s environmental impact, CF opts for boxes made from 100% recycled and recyclable FSC paper, labels made from FSC paper (40% recycled) and printing using vegetable-based inks.


The botanical palets box contains two palets of the same fragrance. Practical, they are designed to perfume small spaces, like a wardrobe or a drawer. Thanks to their ribbon, they can also be hanged on a door handle or a coat hanger.

Keep away from sources of ignition. Always protect the surface on which the palet rests. Avoid contact with fabrics. Do not use for any purpose other than for what this product was intended to.