• Damask rose

    Damask rose

    Discovered in Turkey, the Damascus rose was praised in Syria for its elegance and the finesse of its scent. During the rosebush’s intense blooming season, its display an exquisite corolla of petals...
  • Iris


    Iris Pallida
    Pale in colour, iris pallida - also known as sweet iris – is a hardy perennial plant from the Iridaceae family. Native to the Dalmatian coast (Croatia), it grows in thick bunches from a rhizome: its sword-shaped leaves spread out like fans while its delicate, purplish inflorescence billows lightly
  • Jasmine


    From the Persian yâsamîn, this musky-scented flower from India grows on a bush of the Oleaceae family. White jasmine, or “officina” is the variety most commonly used in perfumery.
  • La Rose Aime la Menthe
    Behind a matte, soft pink glass, perfumes of Damascus rose and spearmint bond.
  • Lavender


    Its essential oil, of the highest quality, purifies and heals. Lavender is a grand and generous flower.
  • Lily of the valley
    Invigorating and pure, the lily carries the scent of happy days. At the other end of its little white bells, its underground stems, or rhizomes, help the lily spread. Athough the lily is one of a kind, many varieties can be found across.
  • Orange Blossom

    Orange Blossom

    The orange flower grows on the citrus tree, or “Citrus Aurantium”, of the Rutaceae genus. In bloom, the tree aunts its white flowers to the world, emitting a suave fragrance that has symbolized purity and beauty since Antiquity. Intoxicating but mysterious, these flowers used to adorn the garlands of young brides.
  • Siberian Fir x Dades Rose
    A unique marriage of scents, the Siberian Fir and Moroccan Dades Rose compose a woody and floral perfume where pine needles and rose petals come together.
  • Tiare


    Amongst the most famous gardenias, the tiare is deliciously aromatic and a symbol of beauty. Women coat their skin and hair with its essential oil monoï, with glowing effect.
  • Tuberose


    Polianthes tuberosa
    The tuberose is a herbaceous plant of the Agavaceae family. The scent of the flower is considered one of the most powerful vegetable.