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Refill for Waterlily Candle
100% vegetable wax

Refill for Waterlily Candle

Vegan. Made in France. 100% compostable container.

After a vegetal yet subtle floral top note, the waterlily reveals fruity tones that are enriched by colorful and succulent notes.


By purchasing this product, you are helping to finance research and environmental preservation activities carried out by the Muséum.

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Waterlily is a member of the Nymphaeaceae family. Until the 19th Century, in Europe, we only know the white flowers nympheas. French horticulturists then creatde coloured hybrids that will later be exhibited during the Paris universal exhibition in 1889 and featured in Claude Monet’s painting « Les Nymphéas ».

The fruit-filled and aquatic notes of the waterlily help:

✓ To overcome sleep disorders,

✓ To rest and overcome anxiety.

100% vegetable wax, from European rapeseed. 100% compostable and recyclable container.

Made in France. Vegan.

Weight: 185g / 6.5 oz
Burning time: 40 to 45 hours
Dimensions: H: 9 cm Ø: 7.5 cm

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How to use your refill for scented candles?

A unique container, 100% compostable

By eliminating cardboard boxes, Carrière Frères opts for a cutting-edge solution made from biodegradable material: the new container consists of a compostable and recyclable vegetal ‘skin’ that welcomes the 100% vegetable scented wax refill - made from organic European rapeseed.

Carrières Frères x Le Museum

In collaboration with the Paris national Museum of natural History, Carrière Frères highlights plants that are unusual, exotic and packed with history. As a public and learning institution, the Museum leads ongoing endeavours in research, conservation and education, which shed light on the past as well as on the future. A vital link between yesterday and tomorrow, the Museum works to preserve Earth's biodiversity. It is an action that lies at the heart of CF 's commitments as well, as it financially supports the Museum's many missions and activities through this partnership.