• Cedar


    Cedrus Atlantica
    A tree of the Pinaceae family, the cedar first grew in the atlases of North Africa.
  • Damask Rose

    Damask Rose

    Rosa Damascena
    Discovered in Turkey, the Damascus rose was praised in Syria for its elegance and the finesse of its scent.
  • Lavender
    She’s also called “true lavender” and grows wild on the hills of Southern France.
  • Orange  Blossom

    Orange Blossom

    Citrus Dulcis
    The orange flower grows on the citrus tree, or “Citrus Aurantium”, of the Rutaceae genus.
  • Siracusa Lemon

    Siracusa Lemon

    Citrus Syracusis
    This citrus fruit has been cultivated for 3,000 years and belongs to the Rutaceae family.